December 24, 2014

ඉලෙක්ට්‍රොනික් වලට කැමති අයට සර්කිට්...

        ඔන්න අද අරං ආව ඉලෙක්ට්‍රොනික් කරන අයට හොඳ සර්කිට් තියෙන PDF ටිකක්. මේකෙ තියෙන පලවෙනි එක PIC මයික්‍රොකොන්ට්‍රෝලර් ගැන ඉගෙන ගන්න අයට වැදගත් වේවි... 
  • විදුසර මයික්‍රොකොන්ට්‍රෝලර්-25.26MB (zip file)
  • ට්‍රාන්ස්සිස්ටර් සර්කිට් 200 ක් -Part 1  (2.25MB)
  • ට්‍රාන්ස්සිස්ටර් සර්කිට් 200 ක් -Part 2  (2.01MB)
  • ඩිජිටල් ඉලෙක්ට්‍රොනික්        -Part 1  (5.50MB) 
  • ඩිජිටල් ඉලෙක්ට්‍රොනික්       -Part 2  (4.47MB)
  • 555 IC සර්කිට් 50 ක්    -1.51MB 
  • IC සර්කිට් 70 ක්              -556KB
  • IC සර්කිට් 1000 ක්         -1.43MB 
  • විස්කම් ආලෝක රටා      -4.23MB


  1. ස්තුතියි

  2. Hi Rohan,
    Thanks for sharing these.
    Together with Kolitha, I wrote the Vidusara PIC series when I was working at UoM. Happy to see that people are interested in it. I tried to compile all into a book before I leave for higher studies, but couldn't. Therefore, I copied them into the Uni server.
    By the way, these are the files that Vidusara editor sent me for proof reading before publishing. There can be some minor changes in the published version. But they don't affect the correct operation of the programs.
    Thanks again for publishing this.
    Best Regards,
    Gamini Jayasingeh

    1. Hi, welcome you Sir.
      I'm really happy to see you in my blog. Don't thank me sir. I just bullish it. You are the creators of this articles and it’s very interesting articles. You know sir? These articles the main path to me for learning PIC programming. Now I make varies things using it. I made a big stop watch for my school using PIC microcontroller. These articles are perfect and any one can learn it easily. Thank you very much for your job sir..! It’s fantastic!!!

  3. Hi Rohan,
    Happy to hear that our efforts are not in vain. Even though I haven't comment on your blog before, I am a regular reader. Keep up your good work.
    By the way, after reading Lakshman's this post following idea came to my mind.
    There are cheap mp3 players such as this. Audio information can be recorded in those and given to visitors at a low price for them to play when they want more information. Just an idea.

    1. Hi sir;
      Yes sir. Your it's really great idea.We can made a special small module with play audio information and also printed information. Sir, is that possible play audio in PICs? I search all over the google and I haven't seen any useful information.


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